Each year we receive hundreds of requests for U.S. MAPS assistance on Assemblies of God church or ministry projects. If you are interested in becoming a church team or an RV Volunteer please e-mail us for more information.

What does it take to qualify as a U.S. MAPS project? Each project is evaluated based on the following criteria. Please e-mail us for a consultation regarding your specific needs and to request an application. 

  • Congregation attendance (if applicable)
  • Type of work needed (if project is conducive to volunteer labor)
  • Size and complexity of project
  • Completed U.S. MAPS Project Information Form (application)

Does U.S. MAPS only work on district-supervised churches?
Not at all! U.S. MAPS works on sovereign Assemblies of God churches, district campgrounds, Teen Challenge centers, Assemblies of God colleges and universities, and other Assemblies of God-related facilities. 

Does U.S. MAPS only work on Assemblies of God-related projects?
Yes. U.S. MAPS is part of the Assemblies of God U.S. Missions division, and we focus our efforts on providing project assistance to Assemblies of God owned or affiliated projects.

If our project is approved, when can we expect RVers and church teams to arrive?
The arrival of work teams depends upon several factors:

  1. Weather conditions/seasons of the year. Many of the RV volunteers live in their RV, so excessively hot or cold seasons are an issue. Also, if conditions on the project site are too prohibitive (too much rain, too cold, etc.), church teams and other volunteers may be delayed in coming to your site.
  2. Building permits. Your project must have the correct building permits and any other necessary approvals in place prior to anyone coming to work on your project.
  3. What is in the queue. As you can imagine, there are many churches and ministries who request U.S. MAPS assistance. As such, we work through our list in a logical order. We will work with you so you know when to expect your project to begin.

What are our responsibilities as an approved U.S. MAPS project?

  • Provide full hook-ups for the RVers working on the project (electricity, potable water, and sewer). This includes 50 Amp electrical connections.
  • File monthly status reports indicating project needs and the RVers who are currently working on the project.

Are we required to provide food for the RVers and church teams?
Not unless you want to provide a few meals. You may choose to include the RVers and church teams in functions or gatherings at your church, but it is not required.

Are we expected to compensate individual RVers for the services they perform or the labor they provide?
No. Our RVers are volunteers and are providing their services and labor at your site as a donation to your church or ministry. Our RVers and church teams believe in the work of the church!

Anything else we should know?

  • The US MAPS ministry is funded by monthly faith promise support and offerings. Therefore, we invite all applicants to support the US MAPS Department with a monthly faith promise during the project and beyond.
  • It is highly encouraged that you Provide a patch for each RVer who works on your project. These can be as simple or as ornate as you’d like. Our RVers love their patches and look forward to proudly wearing them on their signature Red Vests! It's also a great way to advertise your project as well.

If you are in need of a U.S. MAPS approved architect for your project, we encourage you to contact Godwin and Associates. Please click the image below to view their website.



If you have additional questions about becoming a church project, please e-mail us.


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