Church teams participate in evangelism projects, construction projects, or both. These teams can vary in size and scope, and their trips last for a short period of time (a few days to a week or more). If you are interested in projects your church can participate in, visit the Get Involved section.




Why should my church become a church team with U.S. MAPS? 

For one, U.S. MAPS makes the whole process easy. As a U.S. MAPS church team, you receive a list of projects that need assistance, and we connect your team with the proper insurance needed for the trip. 


Secondly, this is a great opportunity to work on ministry construction projects right here in the United States. Not everyone is able to (or wants to) travel overseas to build churches where they are needed, and U.S. MAPS provides you with the opportunity to do that locally. 


Do I get to choose what project I work on? 

Absolutely! The U.S. MAPS office provides an project list that is updated regularly. To receive a copy of church team project list, please contact our office.



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